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In the digital era, there are billions of search engine searches conducted daily, and every business wants them to be searched more. That’s why SEO has become the most necessary service nowadays. To rank your website on the SERPs, there are many companies and individuals in the country that provide SEO services, but Jamal Abbas is definitely one of the best  in the business. In this article, you will learn why Jamal Abbas is the best SEO expert in Pakistan. There are many companies and SEO experts that claim that they can rank your website, but usually, they don’t understand the proper process of ranking the website. Jamal Abbas knows the algorithms that search engines use and the problems in the websites that are the inhibitions in the way of ranking. Jamal Abbas is providing SEO services with his hard-working team and his amazing principles of honesty and transparency.

Tailored Strategies For Each Business

Each business has different goals, challenges, problems, and necessities. Jamal Abbas is a wise SEO expert in Karachi, he understands the business and its business model first, and then he does an analysis of the website to understand the current position of the website on SERP. Then he makes a tailored strategy for that business and starts working on their on-page strategy for that website. 

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Using White Hat Techniques

Jamal Abbas is an SEO strategist, he uses white hat techniques in his SEO practices because he knows that black hat techniques may give instant success, but in the long term, Google will penalize that website, and it can go down in ranking instead of going up on SERP.

Tools That Jamal Abbas Use

This efficient digital marketing specialist uses various tools while executing an SEO campaign as per requirements, some of them are:

  • Semrush
  • Ahref`s
  • Screaming Frog
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • And Others

These tools they used for competitor analysis, keyword research, designing SEO campaigns, Website performance tracking, and checking the number of website visitors.

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I can sky rocket your website`s traffic with my SEO strategies which will boost the sales of your E-commerce store.

On-page SEO optimization

Jamal Abbas does many things in on-page optimization, but we will tell you about some major things like:

  • Identify targeted keywords.
  • Creating relevant and high-quality content
  • Optimization of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Permalinks optimization
  • Improve navigation with internal links.
  • Resolve indexing issues
  • Images alt text
  • Improve page speed
  • Make your website mobile-friendly

Technical SEO Optimization

Jamal Abbas provides top-notch digital marketing services in Pakistan, and he does many things in the technical aspects of websites, but we will tell you about some like:
  • Sitemap. XML
  • Sitemap.HTML
  • Robot.txt file
  • Optimization of JS and CSS
  • SSL certificate
  • Canonical tag
  • Redirection(301), (302)
  • Schema markup
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter card

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Off-page SEO has become one of the most selling digital marketing services online, but Jamal Abbas believes that before doing off-page SEO, we should do on-page and technical SEO first because if a visitor comes to your website and they don’t get a good on-page experience, they will bounce back quickly and you will never get a customer to your business. Jamal Abbas does many practices in off-page SEO, like:
  • Search engine submission
  • Classified submission
  • Image submission
  • PDF/PPT submission
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Guest posting
  • Press release submission
  • Infographics submission
  • Video submission
  • Q&A submission

No Matter Where You Are I Provide My Services World Wide

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Local SEO

He is one of the best SEO experts in Karachi, he pays close attention to every aspect that can improve ranking and bring new visitors to the website. Local SEO is one of them, it is one of the most important parts of SEO because in local SEO we submit our business to Google My Business and other local and international business directories. This is a very important part because visitors who come to the Google search engine can go to your website directly by coming to your Google My Business profile.

Staying Ahead Of New Updates

Search engines are launching new updates regarding SEO constantly, and SEO experts need to keep themselves updated with new updates. Jamal Abbas pays close attention to the search engine`s new updates regarding SEO because new practices in SEO are a necessity for his business.

Transparent Reporting And Accountability

Transparency is the key principle of Jamal Abbas; he reports to his clients every month about the current status of their websites and what he did on them last month. This is very important because people should know how their website is performing. After all, everyone wants the best result for their money.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

SEO is just one aspect of Jamal Abbas’s services; there are other services he offers like content writing, which is also a very important part of any digital marketing campaign, like social media marketing, blog posting, email marketing, etc. He is an expert in that category, and he writes the content as per the requirements of a client and as per the marketing niche.

World Wide Service

He is one of the best digital marketing experts in Karachi. He is originally based in Karachi, Pakistan, but he offers his services all over the country, not only in Pakistan but also abroad. Jamal Abbas is giving his digital marketing services online. He has a deep knowledge of search engine ranking algorithms, and he keeps every little aspect of SEO in mind that affects the ranking of the website. He is hardworking and honest, and his services are worthy of your hard-earned money.
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Asrar Shah COO, of the company

What a nice and humble man Jamal Abbas is. He is truely the best seo expert in pakistan. He knows search engine optimization very deeply. Highly recommended for everyone who want to rank their businesses on Google.

Farooq Faddy Sales Person Of Company

He is extremly talented guy. He has true knowledge of search engine optimization. He knows how to rank a business on Google. Best seo expert in karachi, pakistan for sure. Recommended for everyone

Daniyal Mughal Manager Of Company

Amazing amazing service by jamal seo agency. They are the combination of knowledge and commitment. Hats off to their seo team. They are very professional in their work and services. If anyone ever need e-commerce seo, this seo agency is the right choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, SEO is cost worthy because it is one of the best practices nowadays for digital marketing of your brand. It brings organic traffic to your website, which will grow your business and bring sales to your brand.

SEO is not risky at all for your website or your online presence at all. SEO is a slow but long-term beneficial process, but if we do it through white hat techniques. But if we go for Blackhat SEO, then it’s a shortcut but not a long term, because search engines can penalize your website sooner or later.

SEO updates and techniques come on a regular basis, which is why we keep updating ourselves on a regular basis. There are a lot of techniques we use in SEO, but there are two basic parts. 1. On-page SEO 2. Off-page SEO

Link building is a part of off-page SEO. Link building is a process in which we make different kinds of backlinks for our website, like Guest posting, article submission, social bookmarking, pdf submission, ppt submission, image submission, forum postings, press releases, and much more.

Firstly, you should hire an experienced SEO expert who will work on your website’s on-page and technical SEO. Also, you should work on local SEO and then go for an off-page SEO strategy.

Every part of SEO is important because if we just work on the off-page SEO, your website will rank on the search engines, but the visitor who comes to your website will bounce back if the on-page SEO of your website is weak.

Content is one of the most important parts of SEO because websites rank for the keywords that we include in our written content. Good keyword research is the base of SEO, and putting those keywords in content according to Google guidelines is important.

Guest posting is the premium method, which gives a high-quality backlink. In guest posting, we should have a well-optimised written article in which we put our website page`s link.

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